Accounting Services

  • Organizing document flow;
  • Prepare monthly trial balance;
  • Check fiscal vector;
  • Preparation of payment orders, orders compensation;
  • VAT registration;
  • Completion and processing of accounting records (general ledger, inventory and house buying and selling diary);
  • Registration of primary documents in accounting computed in accordance with accounting principles;
  • Preparation of tax returns and quarterly reports (balance);
  • Fixed asset accounting and depreciation calculation;
  • Preparation and submission of annual balance sheet;
  • Establish tax payment and accounting registration;
  • Filling in and submitting the VAT and other reports and accounting statements;


  • Calculating withholding and wage garnishments;
  • Consulting conclusion and termination of individual employment contracts;
  • Consulting on tax and social contributions;
  • Preparing the required centralized control bodies;
  • Relationship with ITM (Labour Inspectorate);
  • Drawing (if any) of the file to recover expenditures on medical leave and compensation from health homes;
  • Calculation of annual leave and sick leave;
  • Payroll and prepare payroll and payroll slips on time sheets;
  • Generation and transmission declaration on social contributions;
  • Preparing and submitting tax files of employees;
  • Consulting in drawing up decisions imposing penalties for misbehavior;
  • Briefings on legislative changes in the remuneration;
  • Preparation of reports requested by the client;
  • Preparing certificates for employees;
  • Any information and reports about labor costs;

Tax Advisory

  • Tax advice inception;
  • Tax advice when purchasing or selling a business;
  • Optimizing taxation of wealth and private enterprise;
  • Drafting and registration of various current tax returns (tax returns, VAT returns, statements relating to local taxes, etc.);
  • Tax advice on reorganization (eg. Mergers, change of legal form, etc.);
  • Tax optimization in the event of liquidation of an enterprise;
  • Consulting double taxation;
  • Business tax records;
  • Developing and Filing any kind (option billing,reimbursement,etc.);
  • Obtaining official answers from tax authorities;

Accounting expertise

  • As a means of finding, confirmation, proof, explanation of reality on an event, a fact, a situation based on specialist knowledge, expertise is a means test;
  • As evidence, it can be defined in various ways shape, but with the same content;
  • If it is the nature and content of the act or event researched and field activities are performed, expertise may be technical, forensic, accounting, etc.;